It is the space where we can restore vitality giving himself body and soul to the different treatments

therapies designed to relaxSpaces where you find your being

  • Relieving massage: comfort and relaxation massage for the body
  • Sedative massage: It is indicated for people with external pain by gentle movements slow rate and superficial massage.
  • Stone massage: It is a relationship massage helps release toxins, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.
  • Cañas massage: Eliminates stress, detoxifies, and reactivates the blood flow.
  • Lymphatic drainage: active surface lymphatic system to improve the removal of excess body fluid.
  • Massages Pindas: contains aromatherapy and relaxing.
  • Facials programs
  • Body Shows

Attention schedule

Saturdays 9:30 a 21:00 hs.

Sunday to Friday 9:30 a 20:00 hs.

Location data


+54 02494 005137 / 7525 – Internal: 160