Complete our entry form with the required data.

Complete our entry form with the required data.
Date of admission - Arrival date
Departure date - Departure date
Room - Room
Last name and name - Full Name
Type and document number - ID Number
nationality - Nationality
Civil status - Civil Status
Credit card N - Credit Card Numbe
Telephone - Phone(required)
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Home - Address(required)
Location - City(required)
CP - Zip Code(required)
Occupation - occupation (required)
Company - Company (required)
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Date of birth - Date of bird (required)
Type of room - Room type


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I authorize the use of a credit card to cover the costs in the case of missing and / or breakages in the room.
I hereby authoríze to charge my credít card for the purposes of payment , including fees for any missing or damaged items belonging to the hotel.